Text from initial call out and event details:

From Plinth to Popcorn

Through From Plinth to Popcorn, we wish to bring into conversation the recontextulization of artist’s film. We want to create a discussion, a dérive, into the possibilities of work, taken from its original context, placed into a ‘formal cinema context’.  Going on paradigm of the context is half the work[1], we are interested in what happens when an artist’s film work is reappropriated from its original context and placed into another, in the tradition of film and cinema. We want this to create a dialog between the relationships that exist between the artist-work-viewer.
In creating a dialog of three parts we hope to engage with the possibilities and limitations of artists film. As we see it the first part of this is the artist with their work, how do they need to re-address the way in which they are communicating their ideas, visually through the medium of film, for this recontextualization? The second is of the work itself, how is it changed by this recontextualization? And the third is of the viewer in relation to the work and the artist, what changes in the dynamics of the viewers ‘spectatorship’ when the work is lifted out of the gallery context, and the ‘rules’ of the cinema are applied?

We aim to start this discussion by holding an evening of screenings of artists films reoriented in the context of cinema.
The process will be that of an open call for submissions, we are asking that the works submitted have originally been made for another context or form, be it a gallery based work, multi-screen installation etc (see guidelines). We will then make curatorial judgments to which films we include in the program for the evening, and with the description of the work written by the artists, we will annotate the program so as to give people an opportunity to engage with an idea of the original context of the work. Our selection process will relate to the brief of the project written here, and also respond to the submissions we receive. An all-digital film reel will be created for the evening. We see this to be appropriate in the context of the curated cohesive show where we are asking for submissions that are to be presented in a uniform cinematic manner. We do not want varying technical means of projection to become an aspect of the show and detract from the spectacle of the screen.

After the films have been screened we will have an informal discussion, where we can, hopefully, address the above points of investigation, in relation to the both the audience and artist’s experience of the event. In doing this we want to address the experience of the event, both positive and negative, and a larger dialog on the place of artist’s film.

[1] The Artists Placement Group

From Plinth to Popcorn – guidelines for submission

The work submitted should have originally been made for another purpose, (i.e. exhibition, installation, crit, etc), and that was originally to be presented in a different format than that of the night (i.e. multi-screen installation, looped, durational, gallery context etc).

720 dpi minimum resolution (accommodations for work outside this will be made), all submissions should be digital, where film has been used it should be digitally captured in some way, this is for the purpose of producing the film reel for the event, see event description for more information).

A written description of the work (maximum 500 words) that includes what was the original form and context of the work was and how, if you have had to, it has been altered for this event.

An artist statement can also accompany the submission, although it is not required.

The written part of the submission should be emailed to plinthpopcorn@gmail.com

File of the film on DVD/CD (not a DVD for playback!) or memory stick (which may not be returned, sorry) in the file type .MOV encoded as H.264 should be left in the box that will be left behind the bar in the Glasgow School of Art Union: 468 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3LW

We can make accommodations for submissions that need to emailed for reasons such as distance.

All submission (both written and film) must me handed in by 5pm Wednesday the 28th February.

Feel free to email with any questions.


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